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Available Courses

There will be two main categories of courses. Full training courses and add-on modules. Each course will have various levels of ease.
The Reality Shift Template - Course

The Reality Shift Template -Program

The Reality Shift Template will teach you the steps to drastically take charge of your life and how your future will be created. It’s a step-by-step process to become aware of one's personal reality and drastically increase the chances of fulfilling healthy goals, projects, and future dreams.

Work from home course

The Work-From-Home Business Startkit

A beginner course if you are looking to break out of the 9-5 job life, gain more freedom, and bring a new income stream to your life. This training will take you from a blank paper to clarity and productivity.

Life Clarity Workshop

Life Clarity Workshop

A quick but effective (Free) workshop to guide you through a deep dive into finding your deeper values and purpose in life. This may help deciding your path forward from now on.